DURABITS™ grind through glass faster, with less pressure, saving you wear and tear on your grinder.

DURABITS™ last 4 times longer than electroplated bits which amounts to about a 60% savings.

DURABITS™ replaces all 3/4″ and 1″ diamond router bits on grinders with a 5/16″ motor shaft.

DURABITS™ diamond and stainless steel glass grinding bits are stronger than brass bits.

DURABITS™ brazed bond on stainless steel will not leave any residue, which means no imperfections after glass is fired, unlike brass plated bits.


Patented Mono Layer Brazed Process


This patented process forms a highly durable metallurgical bond with the diamond crystals and directly affixes them to a stainless steel core.

This type of process, unlike electroplated diamond bits, offers maximum diamond exposure with unsurpassed diamond retention.

Because the diamond is actually brazed to the metal core it will not peel, strip off or allow diamond to pull out.

Step up to the most durable and highest performing glass router bits.